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The frequency of Belief supports our sense of self-worth based on our gifts and talents, and a strong connection to Source.



Belief is one of the most powerful driving forces toward action and change.

Belief can be described as the state of mind we experience when we think that something is true. Up until now, it has mostly been our conscious mind that has determined whether or not we believe something. If there is enough evidence (logical and scientific facts) in support of a
thing, we consider it to be true—and therefore, believe it. In the new energy, it is no longer enough to rely solely on our analytical and logical mind to determine our truths and our beliefs. Our world is rapidly being saturated with more and more multidimensional elements (like memories from other lifetimes or dimensions, enhanced extrasensory and psychic abilities, and an altered sense of time, to name a few) that require us to change the way we think. And science has not caught on enough to provide our minds with sufficient evidence to make sense of this multidimensionality.

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12" x 12", 18" x 18", 24" x 24”, 30" x 30", 36" x 36”, 42" x 42”


Foam Board, Mounted Canvas


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