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The energy of Forgiveness strengthens our capacity to let go of unwanted feelings and emotions.



Forgiveness is the process of intentionally letting go of emotions about others or ourselves that are uncomfortable, like resentment and anger.

E-motions are energy in motion, and through the process of forgiveness, we allow the energy that is held in our bodies by our feelings to move and be released. Any emotion that is not properly processed has not been allowed to move through the body and out. Instead, it will be held somewhere inside the body, causing blockage of energy flow. This can eventually lead to great discomfort and dis-ease.

True forgiveness comes from the heart. We can make a conscious decision to forgive, but unless our heart agrees and is able to feel compassion, our forgiveness is merely a mental process, which does not free us of the emotion.

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12" x 12", 18" x 18", 24" x 24”, 30" x 30", 36" x 36”, 42" x 42”


Foam Board, Mounted Canvas


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