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The energy of Transformation supports our ability to gracefully flow through times of transition, allowing the old to make room for the new.



Transformation is the change of something into something else—specifically, a form. Another word for transformation is metamorphosis, the morphing from one thing into another.

Life is about change. In fact, life demands movement and change to perpetuate. Clearing away the old is necessary for the new to emerge and grow. It’s simple law: you cannot fit something new in a space that is already filled up with something else; you must first get rid of what is already there, to make room. This is true for physical things of matter and form but also for anything energetic, like our feelings, thoughts, and emotions. When you are filled with anger, you cannot feel love. And when you feel deeply grateful, there is no room for fear. When we are deeply rooted in ourselves and a higher power—God, the Universe, Spirit—we can flow through these transitions with grace and trust in the process.

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12" x 12", 18" x 18", 24" x 24”, 30" x 30", 36" x 36”, 42" x 42”


Foam Board, Mounted Canvas


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